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The cost of a student visa in Canada

Students who want to study in Canada look for accurate information about the cost of attending universities there. One of the most popular places for international students to seek higher education while studying abroad is Canada. Indian students can afford to study in Canada because the tuition is cheaper than in other english speaking countries. Additionally, vibrant cities, stunning campuses, and close-knit college societies aid students growth. The main charges that will affect your entire study cost if you intend to study in Canada are pre-arrival costs, academic costs, housing, transportation, essential utilities, health insurance, and taxes. This blog discusses all these elements and specifics regarding how much it costs to study in Canada, including a breakdown of the main costs.

Let’s examine what it costs to attend a university in Canada. 

Tuition Fees

University tuition fees have a significant role in determining the price of undergraduate studies in Canada. These fees have several variables, including the courses offered, the institution’s standing and presence abroad, the student’s city of residency, and others. As a result, the average tuition at some of Canada’s top universities can be as much as CAD 35,000 (about Rs. 18.84 lakh). Our Expense Calculator can help international students determine how much it will cost to study in Canada.

Graduate and Master Programs


      • Undergraduate tuition in Canada ranges from CAD 12,000 (INR 6,46,000) to CAD 30,000 (INR 16,15,00).

      • Engineering and medical degrees in Canada are slightly more expensive than those from other undergraduate institutions. The average cost of these programs is CAD 22,000 (INR 11,69,000).

      • Business, management, and humanities courses cost CAD 5,500 (INR 2,96,000) and CAD 6,500 (INR 3,50,000). 


        • Many students engage in postgraduate or master’s degree degrees in addition to undergraduate programs. For a master’s degree, tuition in Canada will cost CAD 18,000 (INR 9,54,00). 

        • The management (MBA) programs \e costly. Executive MBA programs often cost CAD 57,000 (INR 30,31,000), which is more expensive than regular MBA studies, typically costing around CAD 28,000 (INR 14,75,000).

      Note: these costs are estimated at approximately, and fees can be changed according to universities or accommodations.

      Application Fees

      Canada’s renowned educational institutions make it a highly sought-after location for overseas students. The majority of Canadian universities, which are known for being widely accessible, charge application fees of between CAD 50 and CAD 250. As a result, students can reduce their tuition costs, as just 5% of Canadian universities charge an application fee. It is crucial to remember that application fees can be involved in numerous universities.

      GIC Canada

      International students must receive a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) to enroll in the Student Direct Stream Program. When a student requests a Canada Study Visa, the GIC serves as proof of financial support.

      To pay fees for studies in Canada, all overseas students must deposit one year’s worth of living expenses with a Canadian bank. Students must have a GIC account to qualify for a Canada Student Visa under the SDS program. Any participating bank offers the GIC, which is worth CAD10,200 approximately.

      Canada Study Permit Fees

      International students are authorized to study in Canada through a study permit issued by the Canadian immigration administration. International students can only take courses in Canada with a valid study permit. A study permit in Canada is CAD 150, which is approximately Rs. 8,873 as of this writing.

      Fees for Canada Student Visas

      International students are required to pay CAD 150 approximately to apply for a visa. This fee applies to Canada student visa online applications. Furthermore, it is essential to note that international students must have sufficient funds to cover the cost of living for one year while studying abroad. The total cost of living for an international student in Canada must be at least CAD 10,000 approximately. Indian students must maintain a fixed sum of money in their bank account to study in Canada.

      student visa in Canada | best consultant for canada study visa
      student visa in Canada | best consultant for canada study visa

      Health Insurance

      The Canada Insurance Plan can take health insurance between CAD 600 and 900.


      The cost of living in Canada is significantly influenced by housing and tuition costs. On-campus accommodation is available at many colleges, but you can also live off-campus. Depending on the type of accommodations, the price may range from CAD 5,000 (INR 2,67,000) to CAD 10,000 (INR 5,39,000) annually. In addition, major cities have more significant lodging costs than other locations.

      Travel Charges

      All the roads on the continent lead to the US’s most distant regions. But long and short-distance journeys in Canada are costly. Students prefer taking buses, trains, and subways instead of these modes of transportation, which can cost anywhere from CAD 80 (INR 4,300) to CAD 110 (INR 6,000) per month on average.

      Additional Fees

      The overall cost of living in Canada includes other living expenses such as books, office supplies, library dues, food, utilities like phone, energy, and water, as well as additional personal costs. Setting aside an extra CAD 1,000 to CAD 2,000 per year for these costs is recommended.

      The fact that these numbers are explained and that actual spending may vary depending on personal spending habits and choices must be emphasized. Additionally, scholarships, fellowships, and part-time job possibilities may be available to Indian students studying in Canada. Therefore, planning and budgeting appropriately is essential to ensure a successful and cost-effective study in Canada. Our best consultant for Canada study visa team will provide you with the best services for your visaS