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Canadian visas, also called temporary resident visas, are designed for tourists who wish to visit Canada for a short time. A tourist visa for Canada is often attached to the traveler’s passport. This certificate indicates that the applicant is eligible to enter Canada legally.

People from a few different countries can also submit an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) for travel to Canada. Visit our website to check your eligibility for the best Canada online tourist visa for India.

Document Required

You will need a few documents when applying online for a visa to Canada. However, as soon as it is known about the anticipated vacation plans, it is imperative to start gathering all the required documents. Examples of papers that could be needed are as follows:

  • Visa application for Canada
  • A current passport of its front and back
  • copies of your previous passport and your entry and exit stamp 
  • latest passport-size photo
  • Documentation of financial Proof such as bank statements and other statements
  • a travel itinerary that includes your airplane tickets, hotel reservations, and event tickets
  • paper to arrive in Canada
  • police clearance document
  • health examination report
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Apply for Canada Tourist Visa 

You must understand the procedure for submitting an online application for a Canada tourist visa now that you know the visa basics. The application process could initially seem complicated, but if you follow the directions on this website, it should be a simple procedure. This pointer will be divided up into steps and accompanied by more. You should bookmark this page to retrieve it while starting your application quickly. Listed below are some of the items you will find in this section:

Step to apply

  • Choose a tourist visa for your trip
  • Firstly, you have to Make an appointment
  • Fill in the required information
  • Then click the apply option
  • Complete the tourist visa application to Canada.
  • Required Documents needed to apply for a Tourist Visa to Canada
  • Prepare for your trip to Canada
  • Make a payment online
  • Track your visa application


Tourists can stay for up to six months in Canada, depending on the length of their stay. You will receive a stamp on your passport with the date by which you must depart. A visitor record document may also be given to you stating the date by which you need to leave the country.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have sufficient funds
  • Candidate should not seek a job on a tourist visa
  • Should not have a criminal case or any record
  • Show valid Proof of staying in Canada
  • You should meet your entry requirements based on your profile.
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Why did people like to visit Canada?

Firstly, Canada is in high demand for business, students and workers. So here are the following:

  • A modern and multicultural country
  • there are several Natural attractions that you may like Rocky Mountain Parks, Niagara Falls, etc
  • there are numerous outdoor activities like camping, rafting, etc
  • there are Famous events and festivals
  • Notice the prevalent French culture
  • you can go on a vacation with kids

Can we apply for a Canada visa without an invitation letter?

Particularly, an invitation letter is basically not compulsory for a visa. It is an added document to prove that you are seeing Canada to meet relatives or friends who invited you over there.

The thing that cannot be done on a visitor visa

Here are the following things that you can’t do with a visitor visa

  • you can’t study with a visitor visa
  • not allowed to work if you haven’t a permit from the Canadian country
  • you can’t be allowed to stay permanently in the country

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