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The PSAC, a union that advocates for 155,000 federal employees, claims that the IRCC will be impacted by the strike, along with most other government agencies. Demands for fair pay, a better work-life balance, greater workplace diversity, and fewer layoffs through creating more jobs rather than outsourcing positions are the causes of the strike.

What effects might the strike have on the issuance of Canada visas?

The processing of applications, in-person meetings or events, such as citizenship ceremonies, contacting IRCC by phone, email, or social media, consular citizenship and passport services, and passport services in Canada are all anticipated to experience the strike’s effects.

Is there any solution to this complication?

Some services, such as online application, mailing applications to the IRCC, utilising online accounts, and accessing some emergency services, will still be available. The Interim Federal Health Programme, settlement assistance from IRCC partner organisations, and non-governmental organization-run visa application centres outside of Canada will all continue to be accessible, according to the report.

The administration put forth a 9% salary rise proposal that would be spread out over three years, mirroring the suggestions made by the Public Interest Commission. However, guaranteeing that PSAC members may continue to work remotely is one of the crucial issues. The government argues that the requirements as written will have a significant negative impact on the provision of services to Canadians and will restrict its capacity to manage personnel within the public service.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Programme (TFWP) and the collecting of biometrics are both expected to be impacted by the walkout. According to the government, benefit payments will be made in order of priority, and the Canada Child Benefit will remain in effect throughout the labour disruption. The amounts for the Canadian Pension Plan for Old Age as a Security plan, Veterans’ Income Support, and Guaranteed Income Supplement will also be paid on time.