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Canada is one of the nations with the fastest overall growth rates globally. People prefer to immigrate here to other places because of this. Over the next few years, the Canadian government wants to expand the number of immigrants. The most common method of entry to Canada is through the Express Entry immigration route. By accelerating the processing of applications for skilled workers, the Express Entry system intends to make it much simpler for eligible individuals to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency (CPR). 

Canada is in an excellent position to handle the shortage of skilled workers thanks to the many immigrants who have settled there. Over the following five years, the government expects to welcome 5 million new residents through various immigration initiatives. Due to its many benefits, immigration to Canada is a popular choice for many people. This country provides immigrants with multiple benefits that are unmatched in any other country. Some of the most popular explanations for moving to Canada are listed here. Compared to other well-liked immigration destinations, Canada PR is still well-priced when evaluating the cost of immigration from other countries. This blog post will outline the fees for submitting an Express Entry application for permanent residence in Canada.

Why make a Canada PR investment?

  • Canada is the permission to reside and work and PR.
  • Immigrants with family members are welcome.
  • Students can receive a free education.
  • PR in Canada is a step towards citizenship.
  • Launching a business in Canada is possible if you have permanent residence.

Steps to apply

The following are the steps to apply for a Canada PR visa:

  • Ensure that international education meets Canadian standards by obtaining an educational Credential Assessment.
  • Create an online Express Entry profile after receiving an ECA and a language proficiency report.
  • To be qualified to apply for a Canada PR visa, you must obtain the necessary CRS score.
  • Await the Express Entry draw, which is held periodically.
  • Await invitations before applying.
  • Provide the required documentation with the Canada PR application.
  • The Canada PR visa takes six months to process.

Canada is free to apply for PR 

A variety of fees must be paid by applicants to be considered for a Canada PR visa. The following lists these costs:

For Business Immigration

Fee apply on:

  • Quebec business immigration
  • Self-employed people
  • Start-up visa
Fees CAD$
Your application2,140
Your application (without right of permanent residence fee)1,625
spouse or partner1,365
spouse or partner (with PR)850
dependent child230(per child)

For Caregivers

Fee apply on:

  • Live-in Caregiver Program
  • Home Child Care Provider Pilot
  • Home Support Worker Pilot
Fees CAD$
Your application1,085
Your application (without right of PR fee)570
spouse or partner1,085
spouse or partner (with PR)570
dependent child155(per child)

For Economic immigration (Including Express Entry)

Fee apply on:

  • Agri-food pilot
  • Atlantic immigration pilot
  • Atlantic immigration program
  • Canadian experience class
  • Federal skilled workers
  • Federal skilled trades
  • Provincial nominee
  • Rural and northern immigration pilot
  • Quebec-selected skilled workers
Fees CAD$
Your application1,365
Your application (without right of PR fee)850
spouse or partner1,365
spouse or partner (with PR)850
dependent child230(per child)

For Humanitarian and compassionate

Fee apply on:

  • Health-care worker
  • Pathway to permanent residence 
  • Temporary public policy for Hong Kong residents
  • An interim policy to facilitate access to permanent residence for out-of-status construction workers
  • TR to PR pathway
Fees CAD$
Your application1,085
Your application (without right of PR fee)570
spouse or partner1,085
spouse or partner (with PR)570
dependent child155(per child)

For Permanent resident cards

Fees CAD$
Permanent resident cards50

For Permanent resident travel document

Fees CAD$
Permanent resident travel document50

For Permit Holders Class

Fees CAD$
Your application850
Your application (without right of PR fee)335

For Protected person

Fees CAD$
Your application570
spouse or partner570
dependent child155(per child)

For the Right of permanent residence fee

Fees CAD$
Right of permanent residence fee515
Canada PR 3 1

An Explanation of Canada’s PR Visa Fees

The primary applicants’ number of accompanying dependents and the cost of the Canada PR are both factors.

PR Applicant fee

A PR candidate must pay the following fee:

1. Single applicant

The Right to Permanent Residence charge is CAD 515, while the application fee for the significant applicant is CAD 850.

2. Spouse

The Right to Permanent Residence charge is CAD 515, while the application price for a spouse is CAD 850.

3. Child

The cost of each child’s application is CAD 230.

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Evidence of Funds for Canadian PR

Individual Temporary Authorization (ITA) enables you to start the process of requesting permanent residence in Canada. To demonstrate that you have the resources to cover your living, educational, and travel costs in Canada or that you and your family have the resources to support them there, you must submit various applications and proof of your financial stability. This specification guarantees that candidates can live successfully in Canada without requiring government or welfare system aid. It is essential to comprehend the application’s financial components. 

We trust that this material has fully enlightened you on the expenses related to the Canada PR application. You may successfully plan your PR budget for 2023 by completing in-depth research, educating yourself on all relevant information, and speaking with top immigration consultants in Canada.

In addition to these charges, the immigration procedure could involve travel expenditures and professional fees for hiring the top immigration advisors. Depending on the immigration program you choose to apply via, the total cost to apply for permanent residence in Canada from another country will vary—the price of Canadian immigration goes because of the unpredictable nature of currency rates.

Finally, it is critical to understand the costs of applying for Permanent Resident Status (PR) from India in 2023. Depending on the immigration program selected, the unique circumstances of the applicant, and any associated costs, the cost of the procedure may change. The cost of obtaining PR in Canada is an investment in one’s future. However, with careful financial planning and adherence to immigration rules, achieving this goal and benefiting from all this friendly country offers is still possible by becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada.